About Me - Nisha Sehjpal

Ever since I can remember I’ve been intrigued by colors. Not being formally trained in fine arts has never felt like a drawback but instead has pushed me to be more experimental and color outside the lines. Having tried oils and acrylics, I found that watercolor as a medium resonates with me the most. With each of my paintings, my intention is to convey the transient, impermanent quality of every moment. Like sand slipping through the fingers, I want the viewer to feel the urgency to look now or the subject might disappear into thin air.

More About Me

I am a self-taught watercolor artist who thrives in the vibrant worlds of Impressionism, Expressionism, and Abstract art. My journey as an artist is one of passion, self-discovery, and an unyielding love for the medium of watercolors.

A Journey of Self-Discovery

My artistic journey began with an insatiable curiosity for color and form. Without the confines of formal art education, I embraced self-discovery, allowing my inner muse to guide me.

Impressionism: Capturing Moments in a Whisper of Color

In my Impressionist works, I endeavor to capture the ephemeral moments that often go unnoticed. With gentle, delicate brushwork and a harmonious color palette, I aim to reveal life’s subtleties. My Impressionist pieces transport viewers to a serene world where the dance of light on water or the delicate sway of wildflowers in the breeze takes center stage. Each piece is an invitation to discover the simple yet exquisite beauty in everyday life.

Expressionism: The Power of Emotion Unleashed

In the realm of Expressionism, I explore the raw depths of human emotion. Bold, dramatic colors, vigorous brushwork, and exaggerated forms allow me to convey the intensity of the human experience. My Expressionist pieces are like emotional landscapes, a vivid portrayal of my own feelings, as well as an open door for viewers to delve into their own inner worlds. These paintings are passionate expressions of the human soul.

Abstract Art: The Freedom of Imagination

Abstract art grants me the freedom to experiment, challenge norms, and delve into the depths of creativity. Each abstract piece is a symphony of color and form, where my canvas becomes a stage for my imagination. It’s a realm where I explore the uncharted territories of my creativity and invite viewers to embark on their own interpretive journeys, creating personal connections to my work.

I invite you to join me on this artistic odyssey, to experience the interplay of light and emotion, to explore the vivid expressions of the human spirit, and to immerse yourself in the boundless possibilities of self-taught artistry. My watercolor art is a testament to the beauty and depth that can be achieved through self-discovery and a deep connection to one’s inner creative spirit.